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And We're Off!

The Kansas City Jazz Orchestra's 20th Anniversary Season started with a bang with what has been my favorite concert during my time with the band: The Horn featuring Sean Jones. It was so inspiring to be around such a masterful player and educator. His words and notes certainly gave us all something to draw upon, think about, and take with us - something all great music can do!

The Horn ft. Sean Jones

Photographs by Nicole Bissey

Along with reveling in Sean’s visit, we also just played a beautiful concert with the New York Voices at The Folly Theater last Friday, October 14th. The “Grand Lady of 12th Street” just went under a $4.2 million renovation, and it looks and sounds phenomenal! Some of you might remember when we took the stage with New York Voices back in 2014 at the Kauffman Center, but this concert was rather iconic in many ways.The band sounded brilliant, and received the biggest compliment you can get from a guest: that they’d love to get us on the bus and take us on the road!

This is a testament to our big band’s musicianship and professionalism. Here were two concerts that provided contrasting challenges: Sean’s music was intricately difficult, fiery and contemporary, while the New York Voices was subtle, supportive, and swinging. Our group pulled each of these shows off with the craft and attention to detail befitting a preeminent ensemble.

With several more concerts to come, our plates are full- but in the best way. It’s a distinct joy to get to work and play with this group. Also on the horizon is a new studio recording, which has been moving ahead swimmingly. I think you all will find a lot of listening enjoyment on this cut! While the album will officially release on June 3rd, the limited edition vinyl is now available for pre-sale.

For now, it’s back to work - we’re doing everything we can to add to the beautiful tapestry which is Kansas City Jazz, and can’t wait to share the next thing with you! Cheers!

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