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KC All Star Holidays

Updated: May 28, 2020

It’s already November! As we near the holiday season, we here at the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra would like to extend joy and love and, of course, great big band music to all of you! There hasn’t been a lot of time to reflect on the last concert, but it was amazing. Celebrating the beautiful music and artistry that emerged from the Cotton Club and Harlem Renaissance with our wonderful guests Eboni and Glenn, and sharing the stage with the brilliant legend, Benny Golson, was truly an evening none of us will soon forget. And now, we get to look toward the next one, on Tuesday December 10th: All Star Holidays!

Now, in a city like Kansas City, you can basically open a door and find a veritable jazz all-star. You see 18 of them onstage with KCJO 4 times a season! For this concert, we’ve extended invitations to three folks that we know will bring the swing: the fantastic vocalist Molly Hammer, blistering trombonist Jason Goudeau, and exhilarating Lonnie McFadden, who’ll be sharing his talents as a singer and trumpeter, and hopefully we can twist his arm to bring his dancing shoes as well! We’ll be performing a couple sets of music, both holiday and straight-up big band, that bring about the best of all the talents on-stage, and you’re not going to want to miss it. 

As we lead into this show, make sure to check out our social media!! You can expect a few in-depth looks at what makes Kansas City an all-star jazz city. We’ll dive into the history of the jazz scene, and why this music became the soundtrack to what was happening socially and politically in town. We’ll share some insight into the legends of KC, both past and present, and we’ll let you get to know the folks in the jazz orchestra a little better. Please check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And – talk to us, share with us on there! We love to hear from you. After all, this is YOUR city’s jazz orchestra. 

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